Intra-corporate Disputes Ignited by Family Interests and Expectations

Corporate control often serves as the match that ignites intra-corporate disputes.  The fire ignited by corporate control issues often explodes when the interests and expectations of family members are thrown in.  A cursory review of case law in the intra-corporate dispute arena demonstrates that not only do family disputes generate a large case load in America’s criminal courts (domestic issues), but they also generate a staggering number of cases in the intra-corporate dispute world. 

 Today’s (1.26.11) Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about an intra-corporate dispute ignited as a result of corporate control issues in SJM Holdings, Ltd.  According to the WSJ article, it is a “behind-the-scenes power struggle for control of one of the world’s biggest casino empires. . .”  Not surprisingly, billions of dollars are at stake in this intra-corporate dispute.  And, you guessed it, the fire ignited by control issues in SJM Holdings, Ltd. is being fanned by the interests (and likely) expectations of family members.  Read the full article here

UPDATE:  In a follow-up article written in the WSJ today (1.27.11), additional information has been released confirming a lawsuit has been filed “against two branches of [the family] to regain” control of the casino empire.  Read the full article here.   


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