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Do Fiduciary Duties Apply Between Equal, 50/50 Shareholders?

Fiduciary duties are often described as the highest duties recognized under the law.  Their application, however, is often challenged by litigants in court.  In a recent case before Iowa’s Business Court, the Honorable Judge John Telleen was tasked with determining whether equal, 50/50 … Continue reading

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A Deeper Dive into a Director’s Duty to Become Informed

As described in a prior post (here), Iowa’s fiduciary duty law requires directors to become informed with respect to their decision-making obligations.  Thankfully, a director’s duty to become informed is fairly straightforward.  As you may suspect, the duty to become … Continue reading

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Care, or Beware! Iowa’s Fiduciary Duty of Care

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we think it’s high time to further explore “caring” in the corporate context.  And while we’ve frequently addressed the broad concept of fiduciary duties that Iowa law and Iowa courts impose upon corporate … Continue reading

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2 Must Know Duties Between Partners in a Partnership

Legal Duties Between Iowa Partners The Holidays are upon us, and just as tempers can unfortunately flare during family gatherings, so too can they flare between partners at Holiday parties.  And while frustrations arise for good, bad, and other reasons, … Continue reading

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What you Need to Consider When Selling a Majority Ownership in a Corporation

As discussed in several previous posts (here and here), Iowa law recognizes the existence of fiduciary duties between majority and minority shareholders in Iowa corporations.  See Linge v. Ralston Purina Co., 293 N.W.2d 191, 194 (Iowa 1980); see also Cookies Food Prods., Inc. v. … Continue reading

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PART I – A Director’s Fiduciary Duty to Question and Disclose Information?

PART I – 2013 Changes to the Iowa Business Corporation Act. This post is the first in a series of posts that will address several changes to the Iowa Business Corporation Act (Iowa Code Chapter 490) as approved by the … Continue reading

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Are Fiduciary Duties a “Default Rule” in LLCs?

In an incredibly detailed, 75 page opinion, the Delaware Court of Chancery confirmed that, at least in Delaware, “Default Fiduciary Duties Do Exist In The LLC Context.”  The full opinion, Auriga Capital Corp. v. Gatz Properties LLC, C.A. No. 4390-CS … Continue reading

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March 2012, Arizona Attorney – Fiduciary Duties in an Arizona LLC

The March 2012 Arizona Attorney contains a detailed article and analysis regarding the current status of fiduciary duties in Arizona LLCs.  The comprehensive article, authored by attorneys serving on a committee developing proposed changes for the Arizona LLC Act, can … Continue reading

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Fiduciary Duties in an LLC, do They Exist in Arizona?

The short answer is, it depends.  In Arizona, at the time of writing this post, fiduciary duties are not implied as a matter of law between members and/or managers and the LLC.  However, fiduciary duties may nonetheless exist if the … Continue reading

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Fiduciary Duties

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Fiduciary Duties in Small Businesses and Corporations. A Brief Introduction to a Broad, Complex, and Ever-Changing Duty. What is a fiduciary duty? A fiduciary duty is often regarded as the highest duty … Continue reading

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