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Iowa’s Open Records Law – Who, What, When, and Why?

Iowa’s Open Records laws permit Iowans and Iowa businesses to obtain numerous types of records and communications from government bodies and officials (e.g. state departments, cities, and schools). Frequently, Iowans and Iowa businesses use these laws to obtain general information about … Continue reading

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Single Taxation Versus Double Taxation and the Iowa LLC

As discussed in this prior post, Iowa Limited Liability Companies have the benefit of electing to have a single layer of tax. When an LLC chooses a single layer of tax, LLCs are taxed as pass-through entities, meaning all earnings pass through … Continue reading

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Do Fiduciary Duties Apply Between Equal, 50/50 Shareholders?

Fiduciary duties are often described as the highest duties recognized under the law.  Their application, however, is often challenged by litigants in court.  In a recent case before Iowa’s Business Court, the Honorable Judge John Telleen was tasked with determining whether equal, 50/50 … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Trade Secret in the Court of Law

Savvy business owners understand the value of protecting proprietary information; especially when the information provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace (commonly referred to as a trade secret).  What happens, however, when your business is unexpectedly defending claims in our … Continue reading

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Follow State Law or Risk Negligence Per Se Claim

Negligence is a term commonly used by lawyers and non-lawyers alike.  But what does the term mean?  In short, this one word generally describes one party’s failure to exercise reasonable care, causing damage to another.  Recently, the Iowa Court of Appeals … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity and Your Business’ Board of Directors

A recent court opinion underscores the importance for a company’s board of directors to assess cybersecurity. As we’ve explored in several prior posts, directors are charged with exercising fiduciary duties, including the duties of care, loyalty, and oversight. It is … Continue reading

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Deleting Emails May Muddy Legals Waters

Purging emails has been the topic of conversation amongst political pundits over the past few weeks, but how, if at all, can cleansing emails create legal problems for your business? One example… the Court system. In short, Iowa law generally prohibits … Continue reading

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorships in Iowa

A frequent issue that entrepreneurs face – and one they should seriously consider – is whether to create a formal legal entity, such as a limited liability company (L.L.C.), or remain a “sole proprietor.”  This post briefly identifies some of the … Continue reading

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Ousting a Corporate Director in Iowa

A Shareholder’s Power to Remove a Director From the Board of Directors Shareholders often inquire: How is a director removed from a corporation’s board of directors?  The question may be posed out of concern that the shareholder – who also … Continue reading

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2 Must Know Duties Between Partners in a Partnership

Legal Duties Between Iowa Partners The Holidays are upon us, and just as tempers can unfortunately flare during family gatherings, so too can they flare between partners at Holiday parties.  And while frustrations arise for good, bad, and other reasons, … Continue reading

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