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Can I Force My Iowa Corporation to Buy My Stock?

Minority shareholders seeking to exit an Iowa corporation frequently ask, “can I force my closely-held Iowa corporation to purchase my stock.”  A great question, but one that is frequently met with a variety of answers.  On January 21, 2014, the Delaware Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Showing Shareholders the Money in Iowa Corporations

Are Iowa corporations required to disclose financial information to shareholders? Iowa law requires Iowa corporations to provide certain financial information to their shareholders.  In particular, Iowa Code Section 490.1620 mandates Iowa corporations provide their shareholders with “annual financial statements.”  As … Continue reading

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Are Shareholders in Small Family Businesses Personally Liable for Business Debts and Liabilities?

Regardless of whether your family business may be considering taking on debt for a much-needed expansion or whether it is facing liability from a lawsuit or other matter, one question frequently arises:  As a shareholder in an Iowa corporation, can … Continue reading

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10 Characteristics of Shareholder Oppression in an Iowa Business – The Iowa Court of Appeals Explains

       In Heidecker Farms, Inc. v. Heidecker, the Iowa Court of Appeals identified several different actions / inactions that may arise to shareholder oppression in Iowa.  The court began by explaining shareholder oppression generally, stating: “Oppressive conduct ‘is an … Continue reading

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